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Teach me something new (Tempe, 85284 , Maricopa County)
I am looking for something new funny and naughty. If you are looking for same, we need to meet. I have never been able to explore things since my BF no strings classifieds boring in the bedroom. I hear so much what my friends try and I want to try new things like the

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friends with benefits dating

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I am 25 years old was married to the "man of my dreams" for a little over a year. We just went through our divorce hearing this week. About 2 months into our marriage I had an affair with a co-worker. It was a one night stand. My husband found out and we went to counseling and everything.

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Since I work a shit tone, its hard to meet new people.:/ sooo. Im looking for someone whose real and thats looking for something that isnt gonna end in like a week haha. Seriously gettin sick of the high school bullshit. A little about me: Im 19, employed, 55, Asian, I love music also like camping, fishing, intertubing, swings, cars (especially subarus), singing horribly in my car, making my man hook up versions of songs, sucking at beer pong, dancing, call of duty, and more. I come from a Huuuuge family so Im a family person. dancing, call of duty, and more. I come from a Huuuuge family so Im a family person. Im really outgoing, sensitive, stubborn, and I can be shy. Im looking for a guy with a good head on his shoulders. Between 19-23 at least. Taller than me (which really isnt that hard.) I generally like white guys :p haha woow. Tattoos and piercings are a deff plus, and so is good grammer. Drinking and smoking is fine.420 is okay, but anything more than that well, move along :p

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